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How Will Kuk Sool Won™ Help Me?


Through regular practice, training in Kuk Sool Won™ will increase your stamina and improve your cardiovascular fitness, as well as help to develop strength, quickness, balance, timing, flexibility and coordination. At the same time, your powers of concentration, self-discipline and self-confidence will significantly improve. . Consistent practice will enhance circulation and digestion, reduce back and joint problems, aid in weight loss and help to develop and maintain a youthful appearance. Kuk Sool Won™ training will improve your overall physical condition. You will also learn effective self-defence techniques for protecting yourself and your family.


In studying Kuk Sool Won™ you will have the opportunity to:


• Train  with other students like yourself

• Travel  to regional and world martial arts tournaments

• Meet  people from all over the world

• Increase  stamina through cardiovascular exercise

• Develop  strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility

• Improve  self-confidence and self-discipline

• Practice  the principles of an ancient Korean martial art

• Learn  effective and non-lethal methods of self-defence

• Succeed  in martial arts regardless of prior physical condition

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